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Friday, 30 October 2009

"Gorgeous Gothic Glories!!"

The day before Halloween and the girls are still trying to add the finishing touches to their party outfits!! Hopefully they'll choose one of my hand painted neck chokers, so they can look seriously like undead zombie brides!!! Happy Halloween everyone xx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Best Seller of all time !!

I started out about a year ago with my Etsy and Folksy shops. It all began when Amber, my daughter wanted me to help her find a name suitable for a " Burlesque " dancer, to sell her pasties under, { that's nipple tassels to us !}. we came up with the name " Talulahblue " and I began thinking, " what can I make ?" to complement Amber's items and came up with frilly leg garters. Well, I had a wholesale order for those and rushed out to spend £200 on satin ribbon and lace. However, the sales of garters alone proved disappointing in the long run, so I felt compelled to come up with another idea to use up some of the satin ribbon and start getting my money back. Suddenly there was a huge amount of interest in the media for veiled hair bows. They were all over the Luella catwalk. I was already making cocktail hats by then, so the veiled bows were a natural progression. Et Voila !! Best selling item of all time for moi and I used up loads of ribbon and had to start buying more. These can quickly be made to order in many different colours. I still make the luxery leg garters, many of which are listed in my Etsy shop xx

Sunday, 18 October 2009

" My name is Talulah !"

Please give a warm welcome to "Talulah", adopted from a local rescue centre, Redgate farm, two days ago. Talulah {Lulu for short} is five months old and we have no information about how she became a rescue kitty. She has settled in very well with myself and Mr. Tony and is well set for a future of snuggles and doting!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

" Fabulous Faux Fur "

During the summer months, I make up my faux fur wraps, for the sudden interest in Autumn. They really do keep the chill out of a winter wedding!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

" The cutest caravan"

I fell in love with this disused caravan, sitting amongst the pot plants in a front garden in Cornwall last year. It looked so pretty, retro and sad all at once. It was gone when I returned this year.

Friday, 9 October 2009

" Cute cocktail hatties "

Last weekend, I had a "Eureka" moment! I was trying to come up with some inexpensive items to list in my shops and to add to my Christmas craft fair stash, when I found a new way to make informal and very affordable cocktail hats. These can be worn anytime and have only a hint of veiling. The soft knitted fabrics are great worn in the daytime and just give you a bit of edge as you walk down the street. These will gradually be listed in my folksy shop, unless you are desperate to have one sooner, at around £17.00 each. See how they snuggle together like a basket of kittens in the first photo!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Fading embers

As my garden settles down to get ready for winter, I had to capture the last faded colours of this lovely lace cap hydrangea. The flower heads naturally dry out in december and each year I use them to decorate my Christmas front door wreath, which is handy!

" British classics"

I am enjoying the new series of " Masterchef the professionals" greatly. I love the way they talk about chefs needing to know all the french classics, such as sauce Bearnaise` , how to bone out a fish and crepes! In fact I made a lovely "Beuf a la Bourguignon" for Sunday supper.
However, let us not forget the great British classics, such as Angel Delight, Mr Kipling fondant fancies, Vesta chow mein and pot noodle, to name but a few!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Audrey's Tea Shop

Do let me introduce you to " Audrey's Tea Shop ". Whether she is a knitter who loves to drink tea, or a tea drinker who loves to knit remains undecided and hardly matters when you view her folksy shop. What a lovely idea, to rescue vintage tea pots and restore them to the warmth of your kitchen with a hand knitted cosy!
Find the folksy shop at...