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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

1st Christmas.

Here we are just four short days away from Christmas day. A feeling of relief is washing over me, as I realise Mr.T and I have succeeded in our laborious house and job move and can hopefully relax this holiday with family and friends, not forgetting Lulu the kitty cat, in front of our log burner. The last 18 months has certainly had it's moments for both of us. I am still trying to stop myself from chewing the inside of my mouth in anxiety. At least I don't have panic attacks any more, they went away of their own accord. I have always been used to living in a strange mental state inside my head, even though I'm always trying to look and behave "normal", whatever that means. I guess it's just part of my creative mind, so at least I get some crazy cute hats made and there's always room for more!! Thank you to each one of you who reads my rambling and wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year!! BTW, some people have had trouble leaving comments, so please leave a message in my etsy shop if this is the case, mwahhh, Hugs!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

"Cyber Monday Etsy Sale"

Hello lovely readers. So here we are on Cyber Monday, the biggest and best shopping day in the lead up the holiday time, Yay!!! Okay, so I am a UK seller, but still want to take part in the fun and offer a great deal to any lovely customers who may be browsing my Etsy shop. I'm offering 10% off all items in my Etsy shop, with the coupon code LULU1 which you type in at the time of checkout. It's very easy to use and quite a few buyers have already taken full advantage, who can blame them, hooooray!!! So happy shopping to you all and many thanks for reading as always. Here's a few pics of items up for grabs, Sue ♥

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Peter Pan Patchwork Of Collars!!

I had the idea of making detachable Peter Pan collars recently. I started with a couple, then was totally carried away and now have a pile of them!! Luckily I sold two last week week to a buyer in Tokyo, my first sale to Japan! I now have a lovely variety of collars in both my Etsy and Folksy shop. Some are adorned with trims and some are plainer. These little collars will give your outfit a individual egde and also make lovely unique Christmas gifts. Click on the photos to link to the items, many thanks, Sue xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

"The Blue Ball", Burlesque Event 22nd November, Leicester

Introducing "The Blue Ball", Burlesque Event, with Talulah Blue, on November 22nd 2011 at "The City Rooms", Leicester, UK!!!

This will be a fabulous extravaganza of Burlesque, music and fun, in the most specacular setting!

Buy your tickets HERE...

More details on facebook!! HERE...

Introducing, Miss Millie Dollar!!

Miss Misti Vine!!

Miss Emmanuelle Claire!!
 Miss Talulah Blue!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

"Harris Tweed & Tartan, Tally Ho!!"

Here I am in the beautiful Cotswold's, on a misty Saturday morning on the 1st of October!! The tree tops all around are turning to shades of gold, pumpkin and burnt orange. I can here the Cockerel crowing and a pheasant "clattering", with the clumsy flapping they make!! My thoughts are going towards creating wonderful winter accessories. I'm certainly feeling inspired by my location, close to Gatcombe Park, in the "Royal triangle".  Harris tweeds and tartans are my chosen fabrics and I made the items in my photo's from upcycled scraps, purchased from a Scottish mill and a fellow UK Folksy seller!! These hats and bobby pins are listed in my Etsy shop, there's only one of each, as my scraps are small!! The strange thing is, we are having a late Indian summer here in the UK and when it warms up, the barbecue will be put into full action, with a spot of autumn sunbathing....Tally Ho!!!!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

"Winter Hat Collection"

I'm really enjoying working on new designs at present. My new 14cm sinamay fascinator bases have arrived, along with a shipment of vintage millinery flowers and vintage brooches. The hats are larger than my usual 10cm bases and need a tad more effort when decorating. Some of my new hats have been sold to a lovely local shop, here in the Cotswold's, where I am lucky enough to live. The remaining four hats are listed either in my Folksy or Etsy shops. The buyers will receive a one of a kind statement piece, as I won't be making any two the same. That would be no fun!!! You may be able to guess, these are inspired by the turning of the seasons as we head into Autumn, fall!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

"Smoothie Heaven!"

If you haven't already started making your own fruit smoothies, I would urge you to start experimenting as they are truly delicious and a great way of using up some over ripe fruit at this time of year! I always seem to have a few strawberries lurking at the back of the fridge and love to blend them with this recipe I made up...

A handful of strawberries,
half a banana,
a slosh of orange juice,
a squeeze of lemon juice,
two ice cubes,
a few mint leaves.

Just pop all the ingredients into the blender and off you go. Add a sprig of mint for decoration. I also love using melon and ginger to replace the strawberries and mint.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

"Work room chaos"

I know I should probably hide all the mess from prospective customers and other tidier crafter's, but I'm feeling very much like wearing my heart on my sleeve!! Mr. Tony will never understand that being highly creative requires total freedom from restraint and that in turn means not being afraid to make a "mess". I use so many tools and various bits and pieces, that even when I have actually tidied up, there's still loads of "stuff" everywhere, from pliers, wire cutters, sewing machines, millinery bits and fabrics. I did in reality tidy up only a day or so and now look at it!! So here's a photo of my work space and I've included the view from the window, which is so picturesque, as I look down on the little stream which runs down the side of our garden. That view was worth all the hardship of last winter. A big hug and many thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post ♥

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

"Over the rainbow"

Well dear readers, it has been almost one year since Mr. T and I began the journey to our new life! Last September, we took our usual holiday in a secret location in Cornwall, preceded by an extra week staying in a cottage in the Peppercomb valley in Devon. On the last day of our holiday, Mr. T said, "we'll know, this time next week!". And so on his first day back at work, Mr. T was made redundant. That word, "REDUNDANT" which strikes fear into the hearts of grown men, {especially one's with a huge mortgage!} had entered our arena. Ringing in your ears are connotations of, "we don't need you any more", and "So long cheer leader", and "Asta la vista baby", I could go on!! Never mind, we had thought ahead and were planning vaguely on a change. Nothing is that simple! We had not prepared ourselves for the huge emotional burden faced by both of us and especially Mr. T! Our home of eight years now seemed a massive ball and chain. I put the house up for sale immediately. Looking for work became a full time job in itself for Mr. T. His confidence was at rock bottom, simply because he hadn't had to prepare for a job interview in about 25 years!! He had to work with an agency on getting that pesky C.V up to date and up to scratch. On top of all this, the bits of work I had were dried up, I had to find a job too!  Winter was setting in and I traipsed around local supermarkets, asking about work.  These were depressing times. Luckily, I was re-employed part time by a local fashion company, where I'd worked previously. We still needed the major breadwinner to come up with the goods though. Every morning when we awoke, there was a feeling of impending doom and racing hearts, as the mortgage ate away at our funds. Just before Christmas, the job offers began to come in for Mr. T and we had to decide which one and where, as they all meant moving away from Leicester, where I was born and where most of my family still live, including my daughter and Mum! We chose Gloucestershire and another chapter had begun. Last winter was particularly harsh and cold. Immediately after Christmas, Mr.T began his new job in Gloucestershire, living in rented accom' and I stayed alone in the big house in Leicester. We sold the house this spring, for less than we had wanted, but we had to move on with life, it was a huge relief! I gave up my job and had to leave on the same day, there was no time to give notice, as I was homeless. I took chocolate biccies for everyone at work and most of them thought it was my birthday! I moved into the rented flat with Mr. T and started house hunting.  So now, almost a year later, we have moved into our new home, near Tetbury. Lulu the kitty is here with us now thankfully! We have no curtains yet, but we have arrived! We have booked our holiday in the cottage in Cornwall, {in a secret location, lol!} and we will open the champagne on our 1st night! Here's Mr. T standing alone on Peppercomb beach, just as a rainbow appeared, almost exactly a year since the start of this journey.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Peacock delight!

I've really been enjoying working with peacock feathers recently and do seem to have rather a lot of listings featuring them, lets see if I can manage to show you some photos in an orderly fashion!!! Here goes! One of the items is sold, but all the others are still listed in my Folksy or Etsy shops. The headbands with the big feather pads are very easy to wear and add a bohiemian instant impact, lovely!! Many thanks for reading my post, I will catch you all next time, when I will be posting from my new home in the beautiful Cotswolds!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Folksy Massive Summer Sale, Yay!!"

It's been quite a while since my last post and things have changed dramatically for me and Mr. T recently, for the better I should add!! More about all that in a couple of weeks!!!
As my shops have been very successful in recent weeks, I have decided to have a summer sale, so, here are a few of the items with massive reductions in my folksy shop and there are many more!! I must add, there is also a sale in my etsy shop!!

This new style blogger is slightly getting the better of me, so far as moving the photos around. Not to worry, I'll get the hang of it sooner or later!!

So if you fancy picking up a bargain for your wedding outfit or just for fun, there are all sorts of hair accessories and corsages in my sale, many thanks for reading, you lovely people!!!


Saturday, 28 May 2011

I dream of peonies

I always enjoy the Chelsea flower show, especially this year, as I need inspiration for my new garden. More about that later!!!!
Mr. T and I just returned from a short cottage break in beautiful Snowdonia. Well, of course it rained a few times!! Luckily I took all my new organza fabrics along to enjoy the holiday and spent time making up some new peony corsages. They do say "A woman's' work is never done!" Going back to the flower show, I saw some utterly divine peonies, they are my favourite cut flower. Here are a few pics of my new peony corsages, all shaped over a candle flame by the log burner at the little cottage in "Fairy Glen", all available now in my Etsy and folksy shops, many thanks, Sue x

Monday, 18 April 2011

"Hazy Sunday Afternoon"

Last Sunday was such a warm sunny day, so Talulah Blue and photograper friend Grace Elkin decided upon an impromptu photo shoot. We thought you may enjoy seeing some of the outtakes from the shoot. Out in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, we found a meadow of bright yellow oil seed rape, within an almost magical wooded setting. The mustard yellow of the leaves seemed to echo the shade of the rape seed flowers. After the shoot, we all went back to Grace's house, where her boyfriend rustled up a barbecue supper. The perfect ending to a great day!
Many thanks to Alice Cave for taking us to this lovely location and for filming the "behind the scenes" footage.

Talulah wears a latex dress by Catriona Stewart.
britain's got talent, Tallulah Blue, talula Blue

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