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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Winter Wonderland.

We are dreaming of a white Christmas at Talulahblue, with icicles and sparkles!! Bring on the rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and diamant√©'s!! It is just 8 days between now and Christmas day! If you live in the UK there may still be time to receive lovely vintage and hand made items and gifts over the holiday period. Here is a taster of the stunning items available in Talulah's very own collection. Everything from pasties for Burlesque performers, to jewellery and hand made costume, to fabulous vintage clothing. Click on the photo to browse her shop! Many thanks for reading. Wishing you all a happy hand made and vintage Christmas Xxx


Christmas Spectacle Burlesque

As Christmas fast approaches most folk will be looking forward to a well earned rest and having fun with family and close friends. Talulahblue will still find time to perform over the holiday season. She'll be putting on a show at the Musician pub in Leicester, December 30th 2014! It's going to be a fabulous fun evening with plenty of razzmatazz, twirling tassels and a vintage mood, 1940's - 1950's style! What better reason to get dressed up to the nines! Specially chosen burlesque acts, vintage stall and a live band, here's the flyer, be there if you can!! Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all our readers!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Happy Birthday Talulah Blue

A little Birthday show case to celebrate my show girl daughter, the tiny dancers' Birthday today! Many happy returns to Talulah Blue! I will show my appreciation with a few cheery photos, to wish her a very happy birthday, thank you all for reading, catch you next time!

She's on facebook!

Donate to Talulah's dog charity fund raiser, many thanks!

Whoop, cup cake pasties in Talulah's Etsy shop, very appropriate for a Birthday girl!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Talulah Blue.

Talulah Blue has been very busy lately working all over the UK and all over the World in fact! She is always thinking up new enticing acts to show off her skills in Burlesque, Variety, Cabarat and circus! She's never too busy to work with her photographer Grace Elkin on new photo shoots, here's a selection from their latest collaboration of Talulah looking every bit the peachy Goddess! Thank you for reading, catch you next time!!




Friday, 15 August 2014

The making of Holly Golightly!

It's not a tutorial, but I wanted to catalogue some of the stages my Breakfast at Tiffany's sleep masks go through as they evolve into their satiny loveliness! It's taken a while to perfect the techniques, so I can have a standard recipe for these makers monsters! Not the easiest item to put together! There are lots of versions for sale on the internet, much less expensive and more simple in design than mine. If you are not an experienced seamstress, it would be easy and fun to make your own, by cutting the shapes from felt and hand stitching together. If you're after the bling of my version, I make them to order in my Etsy shop, along with various matching earrings or ear plugs, happy weekend, catch you all later, thank you for reading!

Click to go to my Etsy shop!
Silky tassel ear plugs!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Vintage Indian summer.

We're coming towards the end of high summer here in the UK. It's been a hot steamy one this year no doubt! So, as the heady scent of roses from our English country gardens fills the air, we may be heading for an early Autumn Indian summer, ahh lazy days, picnics on the lawn, Pims and lemonade, festival fun and Gypsy jazz bands!! I love to search for inspiration in vintage shops and where better to start than my daughter's stunning collection in Etsy! You can see how possible it is to mix and match some of her pieces, dresses with shrugs or pretty capelets, so many combinations! It's the colours I love best though, everything a summer should be! If you'd like to meet the lady herself Talulah Blue will be a stallholder at "Biff Bang Pow" on Sunday August 24th in Leicester!

Visit the Etsy shop Talulah Blue Burlesque.

Be there if you can!!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bunny love forever!

I often wonder about my customers and clients. They're the anonymous people who buy all sorts of glamorous items from my Etsy shop. I like to think of them as the folk I'm appealing to in my little shop header title, which goes like this "Brave bohemians, fabulous fashionistas, eccentric stylists", and on it goes!! Myself, I am not very glamorous, maybe just a little bohemian and certainly a touch eccentric, I spend most days by myself working, sewing, taking photos, or washing new vintage stock! This is sometimes interrupted by village life, I am now on the rota for locking up the church at dusk and feeding our neighbours chickens! A while ago, a girl called Cissy purchased two pairs of my towering taffeta bunny ears and of course I did wonder about her, what sort of opportunity will she have to wear such headgear? Why did she buy two? Was she a fabulous party animal? I shipped the order to Sydney, Australia and thought no more about it! I was so delighted when out of the blue, Cissy sent a message and link to her amazing blog, with the most wonderful photos! You must admit, she looks stunning!

I dream of bunnies, read Cissy's blog.

Fab Sydney location!

I dream of bunnies, red bunny, read Cissy's blog.

Thank you for viewing, see the bunny ears in my Etsy shop here!!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fabulous vintage clothing!

It's been a while since my last post and I have some catching up to do! Today I am talking about our new line of vintage clothing. Talulah Blue and I have been trawling through all and sundry to find vintage and out of stock beautiful items, mostly clothing, accessories and jewellery to offer in our respective Etsy shops. Here's a taster of the rare vintage gems offered in Talulah's Etsy shop. They are selling well, so I think she is onto a winner! Thank you for reading and do visit our shops if you want to see the whole range!
1950's original swimming costume.
1950's original vintage dress.

1950's original vintage dress.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fascinating peacock feathers!

I must have made literally hundreds of different peacock feather fascinators since starting with Talulahblue. The natural peacock blue shades are my favourite over dyed or bleached feathers and they do seem to team well with many other colours, such as golds and bright pinks! I try to make affordable pieces which are not too much of a challenge to wear, can just be clipped on and forgotten about, until the complements start coming!  I have a few designs in both my Etsy and Folksy shops and new ideas are always forming, here's a taster for Easter weekend. Happy Holiday to everyone and many thanks for reading!

Curled feathers with beading, vintage embroidery and lace.

With impressionist painting cameo.

With a sparkly rhinestone button.

With an Art Deco brooch and veil.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Talulahblue GIVEAWAY!!

I am running my first Talulahblue Giveaway, WooHoo. The winner will receive a black lace Masquerade Venetian veil, which arrives with ribbon ties in it's own organza drawstring pouch!
To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is follow the link to my Facebook page and comment!!
The winner will be picked at random on this Sunday 13th April and announced on Facebook at 6.00pm!!!
Best of luck to all and have a great weekend!!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Taste of the Orient.

As an artist, my mind is always searching out new directions to gain inspiration. I have long loved the delicate forms in Japanese art and especially kimono fabrics and textiles. Early spring is a time for the fabulous Cherry blossom or "Sakura Zensen" which begins in Okinawa in January and gradually spreads towards Kyoto by the end of March. The Japanese love their cherry blossom time and it features heavily in their art and textiles. I have a few ideas of my own for adding beautiful Japanese fabrics to my cocktail hat collection. Here are a few of my available designs, featured in my Folksy shop. Many thanks for reading, catch you all later, happy spring!
Blue blossoms spring cocktail hat.

Mixture of hatties!!

Gold Sakura blossoms cocktail hat.

Red chrysanthemums cocktail hat.

Black veiled kimono fabric cocktail hat.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring Cocktail hats.

We are just about ready for the wedding season at Talulahblue! I have been busy making new one of a kind Cocktail hats and some old favourites as well! There are so many fabulous colours to choose from this season, with bright pastels and florals being even more popular than usual. Here's a taster of my current collection in both my Folksy and Etsy shop, happy Springtime!!






Friday, 21 February 2014

Pasties, Posing and Pouting!

Greetings all! Today I want to talk a little about costume and dress up! Remember when you were small and loved trying on Mom's high heels, or if you were lucky like me, had your own dressing up box. Mine had old floaty chiffon nighties and pieces picked up at jumble sales! We don't seem to have jumble sales any more! My Grandmother used to take me to one in her local church hall. I still remember picking up an old satin bed jacket, a glass bambie and a few knitted doll's clothes!
My daughter Talulah Blue doesn't have much time for "normal" clothes, by which I mean a nice blouse and skirt with sensible shoes. She is either wearing leggings and layers for her gym workout, or for dance practise, or in contrast, a full costume for her next burlesque performance. A full on costume can include, giant feather fans, ball gown, diamante` encrusted mega heels, stockings and suspenders, a corset and last of all pasties and a merkin, the last two being nipple tassels and a little decorative thong!
Whoop, here she is, displaying her gold feather fans!

I have admit, I feel the same way as Talulah and would much rather be cosy in work out gear, or dressed up costume style, Hmmn, who shall I be today? I may be in my 50's now and passed my prime as a prospective Prima Ballerina, but I can still own a pair of satin ballet blocks and a tiara!
Any girl, no matter what size or shape can own a beautiful pair of pasties, they are just something glamorous and pretty to display on your dressing table! Obviously you will want to try them on and who knows they may be all the encouragement you need to take the plunge and join in with a burlesque class, it's fun! Pasties can be applied using strong double tape. Talulah adds some tape in with your order. Here's a small selection of the sparkling pasties, (that's nipple tassels!) on offer, hand made by Talulah, new designs arriving often and custom orders welcome. Click on the images to go to Talulah's shop! Thank you for reading, catch y'all next time!!

Red glitter hearts, very popular!

Angelic white beaded butterflies!

Gold Pegasus pasties, super sparkley!

Luscious emerald.

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